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A Michigan Alpaca Farm

We, as early pioneers in the U.S. alpaca industry and one of the founding members of AOBA, take pride in the history we have in the alpaca business, the quality of alpacas we sell, and the level of service we provide at our alpaca farm in Michigan.

We specialize in helping new breeders get started. Whether you are making your first alpaca purchase or have owned alpacas for several years, the Grand Alpaca Company has what you need and is happy to assist you. This is true before, during and after the sale. Our prices are reasonable and our after sale support is unsurpassed. Prospective alpaca owners deal directly with us.

Jane works with the alpacas full time, handling the breeding, cria deliveries, and day-to-day operation. She meets with prospective clients, providing information about the alpacas, and provides after sale support to buyers when needed. She knows each and everyone of all 100+ registered alpacas. The entire history of the herd is computerized for record keeping. All of our alpacas have microchips for positive identification. We do our own ultrasound for confirmation of pregnancy.

Tim helps with breeding decisions, health care issues, nutrition, herd management and maintenance. He keeps our ranch as biosecure as possible, to keep the herd as healthy as we can.

We make every effort to answer your questions and welcome repeated visits to the ranch so that prospective buyers can learn more about alpacas and alpaca ownership. We invite our new clients to spend as much time as they desire at our ranch, covering every aspect of the alpaca business from breeding to marketing. We want our clients to be very comfortable with the care of their alpacas and to "live the grand experience" of raising them.

When it comes to something as important as purchasing and investing in an alpaca, you want to know that the seller is truly qualified and possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver what they promise in that animal. We routinely attend conferences and seminars to stay up to date on the latest trends in the alpaca industry. We stand behind our alpacas. Let our more than twenty-five years of experience work for you. Change your life today, invest in an alpaca!

Jane Talbott
Jane Talbott

Tim Talbott
Tim Talbott


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