Alpacas in Michigan

Alpacas in Michigan

Welcome! This year marks a milestone for the Grand Alpaca Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It represents the outcome of more than 25 years of dedication and experience raising alpacas in Michigan.

It is with great pride that we announce the "Grand Opening" of our sales program for our unique herd of Chilean and Peruvian Huacaya alpacas. This step is the next chapter of a long-term business plan.

The Grand Alpaca Company has been "Breeding for Excellence Since 1985." Founded over twenty-five years ago with the purchase of six alpacas, we obtained our original animals when there were an estimated 350 alpacas throughout all of North America. Today, there are approximately 130,000 registered alpacas. The reason for such exponential growth is simple - people recognize the financial and personal benefits of alpaca ownership.

Since inception, our business objective has remained the same - to build a fine herd of Huacaya alpacas with particular emphasis on selective breeding for conformation, disposition, color, and fiber (density, fineness, luster, uniformity, and crimp). Through careful pedigree analysis and selection, our efforts have resulted in an excellent gene pool and breeding program. Through superior breeding, our herd is of high quality with proven lineage, with all 22 lustrous shades of the alpaca color spectrum represented, including variations of silver-grey, rose-grey, fawn and black.

Alpaca owners will tell you that alpaca ownership is its own reward. That has certainly been our experience. Our goal was to have more than 100 alpacas upon my retirement from a busy surgical practice. Having reached our goal with more than 100 alpacas, we are channeling our energies toward helping other alpaca enthusiasts start and develop the alpaca experience and lifestyle that we have been so fortunate to enjoy.

Our objectives met, we are now opening our ranch and herd, to prospective buyers on a "grander" scale. As our little corner of the market has not been tapped, we are truly "undiscovered gold", offering a broad array of quality alpacas just waiting to be discovered. Yet, our business strategy has allowed us to sell these fine animals at surprisingly reasonable prices.

We invite you to visit the Grand Alpaca Company. We know that you will be most impressed to discover a "hidden herd" of exclusive North American Huacaya alpacas of Chilean and Peruvian lineage.

While visiting us online, be sure to look at our Alpaca Herdsires in Michigan and our Alpacas for Sale in Michigan.

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Michigan Alpacas at Grand Alpaca Company

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